Workgroup Overview

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Result to guide this work:
  • Everyone has access to safe transportation and recreation. 
Indicators identified to monitor progress in achieving this result:
  • Bus ridership
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts
Action Plan:

  • Low cost, no cost: Develop strong messaging to generate increased support and need for action.  Will quickly develop some simple messaging while developing a communication campaign.  Focus on: 
    • Benefits, return on investment, 
    • Include compelling stories of users, infographics and "social math" elements
    • Consistent messaging that all partners can begin to use to support and enhance communications by adding health and equity componets
  • Identify champions in a considerate/flexible manner
  • Use the Open Streets event September 18th as a key tool in research and testing messages. 
  • Engage more diverse voices
6-12 months:
  • Evaluation of economic return of greenways
1-3 years:
  • Countywide bond issue
  • Transportation Demand Management and/or Transit staff person at county
For more information contact Terri March

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