Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October: Successful Open Streets "Paves the Way" for Increasing Community Awareness & Support for Active Transportation and Public Space

Our first Open Streets Asheville event on Sunday, September 18th was a great start as a strategy to promote health, build community and begin changing the way we view our stre
ets.  OSA drew approximately 1500 people of all ages and abilities with dancing, play, art and a rediscovery of downtown Asheville.  Over 50 community organizations and businesses took part with many more businesses along the route benefiting from the extra foot and bicycle traffic.  We learned a great deal from the event and are still processing.  The planning team has met to debrief and we will be meeting with the City staff involved on October 10th.  Surveys will be going out to participating organizations and businesses shortly and a thank-you and final input session will be held in the next 6 weeks.

Special thanks to the planning team which included Buncombe County, the City of Asheville, Land of Sky Regional Council, Liberty Bicycles, NC Active Routes to School, UNC-Asheville, Asheville on Bikes, and Altamont Environmental. In addition to planning team organizations, sponsors included: Go Mountain Commuting (the regional Transportation Demand program at Land of Sky), Suzanne Molloy, Cake Websites and More, LLC and Motion Makers Bicycles.

For more photos of the event visit:

A special ask this month and encouraging support for the Asheville Bond.  Visit the Engage page on the main CHIP blog.  

And a trivia question.... when and where was this photograph being used to promote the bond referendum taken?  I'll buy a cup of coffee for the first person to email me with the correct answer!

Look for a meeting doodle and information about our next meeting to come out next week.